How to download the Legal Template with Billing Codes

Purchase the annual EccoPro Support Membership for just $20.00 and you will find the EccoPro Standard Legal Template with Billing Codes of the American Bar Association in the Member Download area.

Log in to the Client Area at with your email address and your password. If necessary request a new password. Click on "My Services" on the top drop-down menu next to your name or on "Active Services" on the right Status Bar. You will see below "Products/Services" the line "Product Downloads - EccoPro Support Membership" and if you click on that line item or on "Details" you will find a the "Product Downloads" tab. Click the tab and you will find all Product related Downloads if you scroll down! The new Legal Template Download is on top.

How to copy the new Legal Columns with the American Bar Associations Billing Codes to an existing EccoPro Time Billing File:

1)  Open the "Legal_wCodes.ect" file in EccoProX (only the Ecco Extension or EccoProX will make it possible to copy the columns!)
2)  Go to the "Active Cases" tab and right-click on the sample entry of the Acme Pencil Co. "acmepen.001" which should have some sample column values filled in.
3)  If you are using Eccoext or EccoProX, there are two commands – Extend Copy | With Folder Value and Extend Paste | With Folder Value available in the context menu (right mouse click).
4)  Use Extend Copy | With Folder Value to copy the sample line with values of "acmepen.001".
5)  Open your present "Time Billing" Ecco file and the related Notepad and right-click a sample notepad entry or empty line and click -> Extend Paste -> With Folder Value.
6)  Open the Folder View -> View -> Folder Window. This will create 6 new columns/folders Category, Billing File #, Time involved, Activity, Service provided and Expense Code.
7)  Click on and move the new Columns/Folder to add them to your existing columns.
8)  If you wish delete any related existing columns without proper codes like Expense Type or Billable Hours.

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