Ecco Calendar Synchronization

MyPhoneExplorer does sync the native calendar database of Android. You can use the build in calendar app or alternatives like "aCalendar" or "BusinessCalendar" - every app which works with the native ... View

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

- How to create a Debug-Log?This can be found in the MyPhoneExplorer in "File->Settings" click on "Show Log file"or (if the MyPhoneExplorer crashed (note: reopen MPE deletes old Debug.log)):Windows ... View

Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note 3 is fully supported with MyPhoneExplorer, it is not a question of compatibility. This model needs the most recent ADB-Drivers so when you did reinstall Samsung KIES you should ... View

Nexus Phone Contact Synchronization

If you use a Nexus Phone with CyagenMod Firmware installed do the following: Nearly all Phones have a local contact account (Samsung, HTC, Sony, ...) but NOT Nexus phones with a "plain" Google Android ... View

Synchronization Duplicates

If the Contact Duplicates are created by the MyPhoneExplorer Synchronization here are some notes:Before your first sync with Ecco be aware that MyPhoneExplorer just reflects the data of your phone. ... View

Terminate MyPhoneExplorer Subscription

To orderly cancel your MyPhoneExplorer Subscription just login to the Client Area at Click on the top navigation bar next to your name the drop-down menu and choose My Services, ... View

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