Add Custom Holidays

Q: How can I add Custom Holidays. They don't stick when entered through the Calendar->Options->Holidays Menu. A: It requires a Registry edit (run regedit!): Delete the default value in the ... View

Add EccoPro User

Q: How do I add an EccoPro user? A: To make it simple, please download our Technote "EccoPro Network Synchronization" from the EccoPro Member Download Area. Just login to your Client Area at ... View

Add/link URL item in Ecco

Q: How can I link an URL item? A: For long filenames or web pages you have to setup a file launch for a separate folder. 1)  Do NOT put file names in items. Put file names in a text type folder. ... View

Adding Structure through Top Level Items

Adding Structure through Top Level Items By Tom Hoots Most new users of ECCO follow a common path: they make outlines! Because outlines are ECCO's most obvious feature, many new users conclude that ... View

Auto Assign Rules

Rules are assigned to and removed from a particular folder through the Auto Assignment Rules dialog box. You can assign up to 255 rules to a folder.To assign rules to a folder1.    In the folder ... View

Can I pay per Check or Certified Check

Q: Can I pay per Check or Certified Check? A: No problem. Just send your certified check to the address below! We will give your credit over the same amount. Following that, we will create an account ... View

Can I use my email program from inside Ecco?

Q: Can I use my email program from inside Ecco? A: You are able to sent a single email or a batch of email messages (with EccoProX installed) from a list of contacts in your EccoPro phonebook from ... View

Change of Email Address

Q: I can't change my email address. Our online security system treats each email address as unique and does not allow our clients to change their email address at will. Only our administrators are ... View Startup problem

Q:  Ever since downloading EccoPro64 a few months ago, I have been faced with an annoying problem.  In the list of most used files, at the bottom of the file tab, a file, “” ... View

Do I have to pay with Paypal?

Q: Do I have to pay with Paypal? A: It depends on the country of residence. US citizens have the option to pay with a credit or debit card without creating a PayPal account. We logged in with your ... View

Download Instructions

Q: I can't find the Progam and Template Downloads A: First, you must login to access your Client Area which is separate from the Free Download area. If necessary request a new password. If you are a ... View

Duplicate Ecco Structure

Q: What is the best way to create a new file that duplicates the structure of an existing file? A: If you want the structure without the data, make a copy of the existing file using Windows Explorer, ... View

Ecco Extension and Virus Alarms

Q: I can't start or download the Ecco Extension because of Virus Alarms.A: The original Ecco source code is lost. To enable us to use new features and to Install a program with a development stop in ... View

Ecco Extension Memory Info Instructions

For the day-to-day Ecco user, concentrate on the Zone & Count columns and the 1-misc, 2-vou, 3-fld, 4-item rows.Zone numbers 1,2 & 4 cannot go above 64000.  It is physically impossible b/c ... View

EccoPro 4.01 in Linux using Wine

Q: Can I install EccoPro on Linux?    A: Installing Ecco Pro 4.01 in Linux using Wine Background Ecco Pro is a fantastic tool written for the windows 95 platform in the mid 90's. This tool contains ... View

EccoPro File Limits

Q: I get an Unable to complete command. What can I do about it? Sadly, check if you can open a smaller ecco file like the "" or one of the templates. If you can open other EccoPro data ... View

EccoPro in a Win 7 64-bit environment

Q: Where is the EccoPro Program Folder? How does the new Installer work? Here is how our new one-click Installer works: The Vista/Windows 7 installations require different folder names. The ... View

EccoPro Manual and Tech Notes

Q: Hello, do you have a pdf user manual available for download? Are the only instructions on use, other than tutorials, available via the Windows Help?A: You will find a variety of Support Material in ... View

EccoPro Memory Limits Fix

The 64K memory limit on EccoPro's top level items did not change with our EccoPro 32-bit or the 64-bit installer.  The internal database engine licensed from Borland did not gave us an upgrade ... View

EccoPro on Wine for Mac OS operation

My recollection is a bit hazy on all the specifics, but I recall that it was pretty straightforward. I used the 32-bit ECCOPRO from       Ecco Pro still alive at ... View

EccoPro Printer Problems

Q: I can't print from EccoPro. Any solution? A: There are reports from some users (2%) who have problems printing from Windows 7 or Windows 8 with their older printers or the printers they had used ... View

EccoPro's Export Options

To export from the Phonebook (Ecco's main database)1.    Switch to the PhoneBook.2.    From the File menu, choose Database, then choose Export. The Export PhoneBook dialog box appears.3.   ... View

EccoProX fails to launch

Q: EccoProX fails to launch.A: If it is a security problem with the Ecco Extension "EccoProX" just try to download the original, regular EccoPro Version 4.01 and have it installed by an Administrator ... View

EccoProX Installation Instructions

Q: What is EccoProX? A: EccoProX combines the installation of EccoPro and Slang’s free Ecco Extension. To use EccoProX you have nothing new to learn but you have access to many new features. The ... View

How do I setup the Ecco Mail System

Q: How do I setup the Ecco Mail System in Ecco Options -> Mail System:A: Written 19 years ago NetManage created built-in mail system clients for their own Chameleon 5.0 and Z-Mail Pro (which were ... View

How to order Memberships and Subscriptions

Go to and login with your email address and password. You have to order your annual Membership or Subscription to be able to download EccoPro or MyPhoneExplorer after the ... View

How to set font sizes for Notepads

Q: How do I set font sizes in Notepads?A: To change the font and the font size in Notepads you right-click the column of a Notepad and choose "Character...". To get the most of our screen properties ... View

How to use the new Installer

Q: How do I use the new Installer? A: Check on your operating system first, then download either the 32-bit version or the 64-bit version of standard EccoPro 4.01 or the improved EccoProX. The ... View

I can't find "My Files" and no top menu

Q: I can't find "My Files" and no top menu. A: The header shows here at us and on all other members. This is an abnormality of Microsoft Internet Explorer caused by a wrong listing or by accident if ... View

Is there a version that works on Windows 8?

Q: Is there a version that works on Windows 8? A: Go to "" and sign up for your EccoPro Support Membership. The 64-bit installer is tested and works well. Here is your download ... View

Is there a Windows 8 EccoPro Tablet version?

Q: Is there a Windows 8 EccoPro Tablet version? A: Here is a recent comment from our EccoPro Facebook page "": "Using EccoPro on a Windows 8 tablet works fine. The ... View

It still shows EccoPro Version 4.01

Q: Why does it still show EccoPro Version 4.01? A: You actually run "eccoext.exe". The older EccoPro 4.01"ecco32.exe" is patched by the new Slang Extensions which will greatly improve EccoPro. You ... View

Lost Custom Toolbar settings

Q: After copying my data files I lost my custom toolbar and my alarms. A: The "Ecco.alm" is inside/part of the "Ecco.cfx" and is only created/slip-streamed at first use of EccoPro in 64-bit operating ... View

Low Memory Condition

Q: How do I fix a low memory condition error, I can't add an appointment? The 64K memory limit on EccoPro's top level items did not change with our EccoPro 32-bit or the 64-bit installer. There are 2 ... View

Missing License Keys

Q: Where are my license keys? A: New Users: Please login to your account and you will see a top Menu like My Details, My Services ... and just above Quick Navigation you will find "My Emails". Click ... View

Modem Dialing

Q: What are the Modem Parameters? A: Check the modem manual. It should give you commands for your specific model. The standard Modem prefix for dialing is "ATDT", for the standard suffix just insert ... View

Move Item Dates

Q: As a project manager, I often run into situations where for one reason or another all the dates associated with a project slip. Is there any easier way than manually changing each date?A: Indeed ... View

Recurring Date Setup

Q: I installed Ecco Pro and started setting up my appointments. The problem is that even when I mark them as recurring they do not show up in the calendar. I then have to enter each one and paste in ... View

Run EccoPro from an USB Drive

Q: Can I run EccoPro from an USB Drive? A: Copy your existing Ecco folder (the one where ecco32.exe is located) to the USB Drive, add Eccoext.exe to the folder, set the EccoExt Options to "Enable USB ... View

Scroll Wheel Mouse

Q: I'm unable to use my scroll wheel on my outline view.A: Use our EccoProX Installer or run "eccoext.exe".On the lower toolbar at the right "Right-Click" the up arrow or the small EccoPro icon -> ... View

Shooter Problems

Q: The Shooter does not work. A: Sadly, the shooter only works in some older legacy programs which apply to standards of 15 years ago. Newer programs have build-in security measures. Just use the ... View

Skype Phone Calls with Ecco

Q: Is it possible to configure ECCO to use Skype to make phone calls? A: Yes, that's how I did it: Create a text folder named Skype, and put it in the Phonebook form. Write in this field the Skype ... View

Starting Ecco using the .eco extension file

Q: I get an "Unable to find file" error by clicking on Ecco data files with the .eco extension. A:  Make sure Ecco is not rejecting over-long filenames. It might your problem.If you have something ... View

Startup delay problem

Q:  I just downloaded and installed Ecco Pro Win7 64x.  Every time I try to launch Ecco, it launches the installer and then the program starts. A: The new 64-bit installer will configure EccoPro ... View

Still EccoPro 4.01?

Q: How does EccoProX work? You actually run “eccoext.exe” developed by Slang. The older EccoPro 4.01 “ecco32.exe” is patched by the free Ecco Extension which will greatly improve EccoPro. Once ... View

Synching Custom Fields

Q: How do I sync Custom Fields of my phone with Ecco once they are created? A: Do the following: 1) Decide which Phonebook fields to place on CUSTOM1, CUSTOM2, CUSTOM3 and CUSTOM4. 2) Insert these ... View

Terminate EccoPro Support Membership

Q:  I would like to terminate my EccoPro Support Membership. What is the process to do that? A: Just login to your Client Area at Request a new password if necessary. Click on ... View

Terminate Software Subscription

Q:  I would like to terminate my Software Subscription. What is the process to do that? A: Just login to your Client Area at Click the drop-down "Your Menu" on the top ... View

Unable to complete command

Q: I get an "Unable to complete command", what can I do about it? A: The error is specific to your system. Did you try to open the "" in your Ecco Program Folder? If you can open other ... View

Where are the EccoPro Downloads

Q: I can't find EccoPro Downloads A: First, you must login to access your Client Area which is separate from the Free Download area. If you are a current EccoPro Member please choose My Services on ... View

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