Production History

1984 - present, adding TV broadcast infrastructure and air time options to Churches and Ministries, starting with the conceptional design to hardware purchase and installation and continued with the training of volunteers in all aspects of broadcast production, like camera handling, live switching, post production, delivery channel acquisition and media distribution.

Spring 2012, a DVD production with European Chess Champions from Hungary and Poland: "Dirty Chess", 30 dirty tricks Chess players don't want You to know about!

October 2011, TV Production in Israel. To view stills taken during the production of several music videos in Israel “please click here“.

2007 - 2008, Photography and Book design of “Beaufort - South Carolina“, historic buildings on the Point and along the Bluff.

2007 - 2008, Wisdom Ministries, Tulsa, OK, design and implementation of the IT infrastructure and related support, multimedia operations, including print and web design and the design and installation of the TV broadcast infrastructure as required to air weekly messages on TBN. Contract negotiations with GodTV and LeSEA Broadcasting, and the validation of farmed-out services related to all media matters.

2005 - 2006, “Kristie DeLuca“ Orlando, Florida and Los Angeles, California. DVD Production and Web Design for the Kristie DeLuca Band.

2005, CAPA, Child Abuse Prevention Association. TV/DVD Production for the South Carolina Public Awareness Campaign 2005, a campaign to prevent teen pregnancy.

1981 - 1982, “Laguna Community TV“ in Laguna Beach,California. Production of weekly city council meetings, live shows like equestrian events, Open Air Concerts and the Sawdust Festival.

Spring of 1976, Production assistance for Oscar winner Bernhard Wicki and the movie “Die Eroberung der Zitadelle“ (The Conquest of the Citadel) produced by SEDA Spetacoli on the Island Elba in Italy.

1974 - 1980, Production Coordinator, contractual work for Tao-FilmGmbH, Artus Film Production GmbH, von Vietinghoff Film GmbH, Neue Deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH and Studiofilm 38 producing music, film, documentaries and weekly TV serials commissioned by the ZDF German Television, the ARD and the Bavarian TV and Radio with shows like “Scene 76“ , “The Herman van Veen Show“ or TV specials like “Maryland“ with Liza Minelli and “Ludwig Thoma“ to name a few.

1972 - 1974, Bavaria Atelier Film Studios GmbH, Munich - Germany, production assistance for weekly TV shows like “The Pyramid“, “The Millie Show“ and “Monty Python Flying Circus“.

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