EccoPro in a Win 7 64-bit environment

Q: Where is the EccoPro Program Folder? How does the new Installer work? Here is how our new one-click Installer works: The Vista/Windows 7 installations require different folder names. The ... View

EccoProX Installation Instructions

Q: What is EccoProX? A: EccoProX combines the installation of EccoPro and Slang’s free Ecco Extension. To use EccoProX you have nothing new to learn but you have access to many new features. The ... View

Add/link URL item in Ecco

Q: How can I link an URL item? A: For long filenames or web pages you have to setup a file launch for a separate folder. 1)  Do NOT put file names in items. Put file names in a text type folder. ... View

Scroll Wheel Mouse

Q: I'm unable to use my scroll wheel on my outline view.A: Use our EccoProX Installer or run "eccoext.exe".On the lower toolbar at the right "Right-Click" the up arrow or the small EccoPro icon -> ... View Startup problem

Q:  Ever since downloading EccoPro64 a few months ago, I have been faced with an annoying problem.  In the list of most used files, at the bottom of the file tab, a file, “” ... View

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