User Testimonials

Please rest assured that we are deeply appreciative of the time and effort you have devoted to our favorite program. The Compusol site has been (and continues to be) a great help for many of us.


... Compusol provided fantastic help to EccoPro users for many years.

Jim Carter

Thank you for providing the site and resource. I am a member and have taken advantage of the resources. I am cognizant of the duties that are required in maintaining a web site like yours.

The Office Party (

Well, I've been thinking of joining CompuSol for some time, and now it appears I have a practical reason to do so. $10/yr. is a small price to pay for keeping ECCO Pro alive.

Michael Ray Brown

"You guys are wonderful! Your new 64-bit Windows 7 version worked like a charm".

G.M. San Marino, CA

WOW! I had no idea the software was being attended to in this fashion. I'll have to spend some time re-examining this software option".

M.B. Chicago, IL

... big thanks for the website and your hard work keeping Ecco alive. I've been using the program since the Arabesque days and, more than 15 years later, haven't yet found another program that does the job anywhere near as well. Right now, I'm configuring a new machine that is running Windows 7 64-bit. I was afraid my beloved Ecco wouldn't run on it, but your installer worked like a charm and now I'm in Ecco heaven.

R.T. Vancouver, BC

... And a hat-tip to the Compusol installer, in that for the first time in years I did not have to do the registry edits by hand and reboot a half-dozen times.

K.H. Stamford, CT

... And thanks for keeping alive the most brilliantly designed software I've ever had the pleasure to use.

M.R.B. Santa Monica, CA

I want to say a big "Thank You" for those who worked on creating the 64 bit install program! It worked perfectly! You folks are great - I don't know what I'd do without my Ecco.

D.M. Cypress, CA

It works! Hurrah! I am thrilled - and relieved. You and your friends at Compusol are brilliant! I was able not only to network ecco on my new Win 7 64 bit laptop to two other machines in the office (each using Vista), one of which had the Ecco data, but I was able to print using the Win 7 laptop, which I was never able to do with either of my Vista machines. (Previously, to print my data, I had to network an XP machine.) I am so happy!! Thanks again, and by far the best $10 I ever spent in my life.

Dean N. Temkin, Esq., Providence, RI

It is by far the best PIM that I know of ... I do regularly check to see if there is some other PIM out there that can match Ecco Pro's capabilities. There isn't any that I know off. The developers of Ecco were geniuses and way ahead of their time. I raise my hat to the individual(s) who created the 32 and 64 bit installers. These are Life savers.

Prof Dr. Bhushan M. Kapur, Toronto, Canada

I really appreciate that you guys have kept up ECCO. I have been a user for years, and it is a remarkable program. I don't know how I would manage my week without it.

Bob Sommer, San Ramon, CA

Just to let you know that your OneClick Installer for EccoProX did exactly that! One click, plus a couple of restarts and I am now looking at EccoPro on Win7. Previous nightmare visions of the Year 2025 have involved me being still welded to my antique WinXP laptop ...... the only device that could still run precious Ecco files containing my entire work life from the early 90s onward!
You have made this old Techno Dinosaur very happy! With best wishes from England

M.C., Southampton, UK

I received an invitation to provide feedback on my recent experience in downloading a version of EccoPro that will run on Windows 10. I was able to download the new version and it is running fine. Thank you for maintaining and improving EccoPro. Your company seems to have done a better job of preserving the good parts of a fine program and not over-complicating things.

T.P. of Duxbury, MA

Thank you..Thank you.. Thank you!!! I followed every step methodically to manually uninstall Ecco and re-install it using the EccoProX64 by your detailed instructions. Ecco once again works like a charm on my PC. I can’t say enough how pleased I am with your support. I have never had tech support respond within minutes of me submitting a ticket.

S.A. of Goodyear, AZ

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