By Friedhelm Dohmann

Dear Friends ...

To serve our attorney clients, we created a new billing template to fulfill the need for a uniform set of billing and task categories with detailed describers of activities and expense codes according to the American Bar Association that would be acceptable to both law departments and firms, and that could prevail across American industry, financial services, and commerce. Click here how to get the new Legal Template with Billing Codes …

Download the new improved Project Manager Template at The download includes the re-designed "ProjectMgr.ect" template, the related video script and a link to a 26 minute instructional video stream.

I am confident that you will find the power of EccoPro very effective in assisting the organizational management of your project team, and make your work better in quality, easier, and quicker. EccoPro powerfully delivers the support you need to manage your project from a strong start to a successful finish!

We released the Ecco Edition Version 1.8.8 of MyPhoneExplorer for Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 at Android users who wish to upgrade to MPE Version 1.8.8 would need a new license key!

MyPhoneExplorer Ecco Edition Version 1.8.7 for Android Phones and Tablets released (1/22/2016)
- Compatibility with Windows 10
- Compatibility with Outlook 2016
- The Bluetooth-connection is completly rewritten, pairing is also possible inside MyPhoneExplorer
- Screen-Mirroring from Phone to PC, on phones with Android 5 (Lollipop) and newer through WiFi
- Contact pictures synchronization in full resolution
- Contact synchronization with Outlook and Thunderbird: optional contact picture compare
- Photo synchronization: syncs only new photos on the device, this will improve the sync speed
- Improved custom desktop-notifications
- Many minor changes and bug-fixes

MyPhoneExplorer Ecco Edition Version 1.8.8 for Android Phones and Tablets released (2/23/2017)
- Sync contacts and notes with plain vCard/vNote-files (local or on a remote server)
- Sync with internal Sync-database - possibility to sync several devices to each other
- The Client is launched and the phone wakes up automatically when connected via WiFi
- Better compatibility with Windows 10
- Better compatibility with Android 6
- Backup Wizzard revised
- Many bug-fixes and several smaller enhancements

Note: Version 1.0.39 is the latest Android version of the "MyPhoneExplorer Client" - the application on the phone. This version is also hosted and and free available at the Google PlayStore. The latest version of the Ecco Edition of "MyPhoneExplorer" is Version 1.8.8. MyPhoneExplorer - the desktop software - will notify you if the client application on the phone is outdated, and will also do an update if needed. This works automatically without using the Google Play Store. To order and download MyPhoneExplorer please click Here.

MPE does support EccoPro Outlines, TLI's and related sub-items for the MPE Notes synchronization. MyPhoneExplorer will use 3 Space Characters Plus "-" Sign plus one Space Character for tabbing. If you edit the data on your phone, MPE is able to split up the text correctly when synchronized from the Phone back to Ecco. The MPE Notes widget is re-sizable.

Handling of Subitems is optional, you have to activate it in the sync settings for the Notes-Sync under the "Advanced" options button. Please see also our MPE Notes Tutorial at

See or

Thanks to the incredible work of Slang who added countless new features to EccoPro we updated the 64-bit version of our EccoProX Installer for Windows 7/8/8.1 and 10 and included his latest extension Additionally, you will find a Microsoft Help update for Windows 10 in our member download section and new options to call from EccoPro through Skype or - with MPE installed - through your Android Phone. If you are a support member the update at is free. Please request a new Installer license key.

New 64-bit EccoProX Installer Version released
- Includes free Ecco Extension Update from Version to Version
- Calls from EccoPro through Skype or with MPE installed through your Android phone
- Fixed permission related errors when writing to the configuration file
- Added the Microsoft Help Update for Win 8.1 (Win 10 update in the Dowbload Section)
- Trimmed the Installer by removing the old Pilot Desktop Synchronization conduits
- Minor bug fixes

It would be a great service to Ecco users if you would share your Ecco file templates. For example you use EccoPro to organize your books, records, recipes or any other projects share a copy without your personal data. To get the file structure without the data, make a copy of your file using Windows Explorer or do File -> Properties -> Disconnect, if synched, and delete all the data by doing "Edit -> Find" with the search box empty. All your entries will show in the Search Results Notepad; click on the first entry, do a Ctrl-Shift-End to highlight all and delete your data. Don't forget: Compact the file, then save it under a different name. Submit a ticket at and attach your file.

Thank you for your continued support of EccoPro.
Friedhelm Dohmann