Arabesque Quick Facts


Arabesque's mission is to create innovative products that enhance the productivity and quality of people's lives.


Arabesque was founded in 1990 to develop information management software. The company has headquarters in Kirkland, Wash. Arabesque is developing a family of follow- on products to help professionals manage the information they deal with daily. The first of those follow-on products, ECCO for Workgroups, will be available in the third quarter of 1993.


Arabesque ECCO Professional

ECCO Professional, is the first personal information manager (PIM) to provide dynamic context information management. Because it provides a superset of features offered by today's PIMs, Arabesque calls ECCO a "Super-PIM." These Super-PIM features give users the ability to view information from a variety of perspectives.

ECCO Professional starts with features familiar to PIMs, including phone book, calendar and to-do list and adds the ability to access any information from any of a variety of views, including a universal outliner. This allows users to gather information and Dynamic Notes from various views into the one view that makes the most sense for the particular task. ECCO Professional uses a proprietary outliner and data base to provide this unique capability.

ECCO is a comprehensive standalone Windows application that performs well in either single-user or multi-user network environments. In addition, ECCO leverages the benefits of users' other applications through ShooterTM, a proprietary technology for sending information on-the-fly from or to any Windows application.


Arabesque has distribution agreements with Ingram Micro and Merisel. As a result of these agreements, Arabesque's products will be available through all major resellers of computer software. Arabesque is currently negotiating with a number of software and hardware vendors on co-marketing agreements.

Senior Management Pete Polash, President, Chief Executive Officer and Co- founder

Pete Polash co-founded Arabesque Software with Bob Perez in 1990 to develop a new category of information management software. As an independent developer, Polash wrote Persuasion, a business presentation software application for the Apple Macintosh. He sold its marketing rights to Aldus Corp. in 1988.

Persuasion is the best-selling business presentation product for the Macintosh. Prior to developing Persuasion, Polash consulted on and developed large scale software projects for Wall Street financial institutions. He initially worked at Bell laboratories in the solid state physics department. Polash earned his bachelor of science degree in physics from Brooklyn College in 1970.

Bob Perez, Chief Operating Officer, Engineer and Co-founder

Bob Perez co-founded Arabesque Software with Pete Polash in 1990. He managed the Macintosh Software Evangelism Group at Apple Computer where he helped move the Macintosh into the mainstream business community.

Perez discovered personal computers in 1979 when he started programming on the Apple II. He joined Apple Computer as a software engineer. Prior to working at Apple, he practiced law for nine years in Silicon Valley. Perez earned a bachelor of arts degree in political science from San Jose State University and a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School in 1977.

Blair T. Bryant, Vice President-Marketing

Blair Bryant joined Arabesque in December 1992. He was previously president of Arcadia Pacific Corp., a Costa Mesa, Calif., contract management and consulting firm. In that capacity, he was president of QuickStart Technologies, The Omohundro Co., Westport Brands Inc. and Alanar Corp. Prior to that he was an held positions at McKinsey & Company, Dean Wittier & Co. and Price Waterhouse & Co.

He earned a masters degree from Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration in 1978. He earned a bachelor of science degree from the University of Southern California in 1974.

David J. Jaworski, Vice President-Sales

Dave Jaworski joined Arabesque Software in 1993 after eight years at Microsoft Corp. While at Microsoft, he held the positions of general manager, U.S. sales operations; general manager of Western U.S. sales; national sales manager of Canada and general manager of Microsoft University.

He received the Chairman's Award for Excellence from Microsoft in 1986. The award is given to one individual at Microsoft who exemplifies the Microsoft standards for excellence in all areas of business and customer service. Jaworski earned a bachelor of science degree in computer science from the University of Manitoba, Canada.

David L. Neir, CFO, Vice President-Finance and Administration

David Neir joined Arabesque Software in 1993. Prior to that he was senior director of business operations at Microsoft Press. During his 10 years at Microsoft he held numerous positions in finance and administration, including Director , International Finance and Administration and Sales and Marketing Director, Intercontinental operations from 1988 to 1991.

Prior to joining Microsoft, he was financial controller for Standard Aero International, a division of Federal Industries Ltd. of Canada. Neir earned a bachelors degree in accounting from Seattle University in 1978.

Dhiren Fonseca, Director - Sales

Dhiren Fonseca joined Arabesque Software in 1993 after five years with Microsoft Corp.'s corporate sales force. In 1991, he received the Chairman's Award for Excellence, awarded to the one individual at Microsoft who exemplifies the Microsoft standards for excellence in all areas of business and customer service. Prior to joining Microsoft, Fonseca operated a private PC systems design consulting firm.

Scott Oki, Director

Scott Oki founded Oki Development Corporation, an investment company, after retiring from Microsoft in 1992. During his ten years at Microsoft, he held various positions including senior vice president of Sales, Marketing and Services and founded the International Division of Microsoft which he grew to represent 50 percent of Microsoft's profits. Prior to Microsoft, Oki co-founded a San Francisco-based software company and also held various marketing positions at Hewlett- Packard.

Oki earned a bachelor of science and a masters degree in business administration from the University of Colorado.